Introduction to Sports Injuries (english version)

A guide to sports injuries, treatment, rehabilitation and clinical practice. You can find a detailed description at the end of this page. The document is written in English. If you prefer a document in the Czech language click here.

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Detail information:

As more people become aware of the cardiovascular, metabolic and muscular benefits of regular physical activity, so does the risk of potential injury. In order to ensure successful treatment, prevention and performance, all those involved in the treatment of an injury must have a thorough understanding of the healing process of different tissues as well as the demands of different sports.

This E-Book was written by a Physiotherapist of Professional Athletes competing in Olympia, the World Championships in Bodybuilding, Tennis and Powerlifting, as well as footballers in the 1st league and many others.

It contains the basic information needed for sports injuries, how to recognize them, approach them and help with treatment, as well as direct recommendations from the author from her clinical practice.

Future sequels to this E-Book are planned.

Language: English

Number of pages: 127

For whom the e-book is intended: athletes, physiotherapists, masseurs




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